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Single vision lenses

Double aspherical lenses

Double aspherical lenses are the most advanced project of single vision lenses. Double-aspherical design uses two independent aspherical surfaces. This provides sharp and comfortable vision even at the edges of the lenses, which is not provided by spherical and aspherical lenses. Double aspherical lenses provide the highest visual comfort and the smallest image distortion even at high spherical powers as well as cylindrical and spherical powers.

spherical design lens
double aspherical lens
In double aspherical lenses, a clean and distortion-free vision area is wider by more than 80%.


Double aspherical lenses, except for perfect vision, guarantee the highest aesthetics, as well. This design reduces the thickness of the lens to 10% in comparison with aspherical lenses with the same index, diameter and power. In addition, due to the double aspherical design, the effect of larger eyes in positive lenses and smaller eyes in negative lenses is minimized.

Perfect comfort and wide field of vision as well as aesthetics cause the fact that double aspherical lenses are the best available solution for customers with high spherical powers, high astigmatism and for those wearing contact lenses that need or want to wear glasses.