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Blue Resistant Coat

Blue Resistant Coat

Specialised anti-reflective coating for reducing eyes fatigue due to maximum protection against blue light. Visible light with wavelengths from 280 to 500nm (light blue) emitted by LED screens in electronic devices, energy-efficient lighting and the sun, has the highest energy from the entire band of visible light, which can cause dry, burning and sometimes tearing eyes. Another negative effect of blue light may involve inhibiting the secretion of melatonin, i.e. a hormone influencing on sound sleep. BRC coating provides:

  • 40% reduction of blue light,
  • more comfortable working at a computer, monitor, smartphone and tablet,
  • antistatic coating preventing from deposition of tiny dirt,
  • excellent oleophobic and hydrophobic properties, so that the lenses stay clean for a longer period of time, and require less frequent cleaning,
  • hardening, scratch-resistant coating,
  • maximum protection against ultraviolet radiation (UV 400),
  • blue and green colour of residual reflections.

Protection of an eye against blur light.