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Modern progressive lens in the hybrid progression technology combining the advantages of internal progression with the redesigned aspherical and athorical external progressive surface. The design of EXPERIT lenses also takes into account binocular vision, eye movement in accordance with the law of Listig, variable inset and individual visual requirements of a Customer. This approach to design lenses guarantees wider field of vision by approximately 30% in each vision distance compared with other advanced progressive lenses with internal progression.

EXPERIT lenses are available in two versions: average and individual.

In the case of a standard design, all parameters of the lens are selected based on power, pupils spacing, progressive channel length and lens index.

In the individual version, in addition to the basic parameters, panthoscopic angle, vertex, frame angle, distance of reading and inset are taken into account. The design individualization of EXPERIT lenses also allows to match the progression to the individual requirements and data of a Customer as well as a frame selected by it.

The optimal design of a new hybrid of the designed progressive surface taking into account both the fundamental and individual parameters provides unprecedented reduction of image distortion, image flowing effect and aesthetics.

Wider field of vision

EXPERIT lens provides approximately 30% wider field of vision compared with other lenses with internal progression. In addition, image distortion and astigmatic effects at a distance and close are reduced by approximately 30%.


Classic progressive lens   EXPERIT progressive lens


Natural vision

The advanced design of EXPERIT lenses provides natural vision in all areas, and as a result the correct perception of image distance and depth. For this reason, the adaptation of the lenses is immediate and extremely easy.

Unique aesthetics

The modern design of EXPERIT lenses, performed by using the advanced three-dimensional modelling software and technology, i.e. STT (Special Thining Technology) allows to use variable base curvatures, which affects the thickness and weight of the lens.


Reduction of thickness and base curvature


The reduced thickness of the lens beneficially influences on aesthetics and comfort of use of EXPERIT lenses. For this reason, they are the perfect solution for people with medium to high powers.

EXPERIT lenses are recommended for active and demanding people who appreciate vision comfort and glasses aesthetics. Due to the advanced design of hybrid progression, EXPERIT lenses are a great solution for people selecting progressive lenses for the first time, as well as for people who previously wore other progressive lenses and appreciate comfort.