For opticians



Exceptionally comfortable progressive lens with internal progression performed in Advanced Digital FreeForm technology.

The modern design of SEQUENT lenses provides Customers with a much wider field of vision to far distance, close distance and intermediate distance in comparison with other lenses with internal progression.


classic progressive lens   SEQUENT lens with internal progression


The technologically advanced design, improved algorithms of calculation of the progressive surface, taking into account Customer's PD and average pantoscopic angle, provide a wider field of vision and reduce distortion in peripheral areas as well as image flowing effect.

For this reason, SEQUENT lenses are characterized by a high comfort of vision encountered so far only in the individual progressive lenses.


The perfect design and modern production technology of SEQUENT lenses provide wide and comfortable field of vision and better image reproduction in all distances. For this reason, SEQUENT lenses provide spontaneous adaptation.

Benefits of using SEQUENT lenses will be felt by both current and new users of the progressive lenses, even in terms of higher power and addition.