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SUPREME lenses are a true revolution in the progressive lenses which provides the possibility to perfectly adjust the lens to vision and individual parameters of a Customer and a frame selected by it. The existing progressive lenses with internal progression have a spherical external surface and an aspheric or athorical progressive surface on the internal side of the lens. In SUPREME lenses, two separate areas are designed: aspherical as well as aspherical and athorical. In addition, in SUPREME lenses, the design system taking into account, in addition to individual data of a Customer, a frame shape, had been applied.

Taking into account the exact shape of the frame, a new system of progressive surface designing allows to shift aberrations in places unused by a human eye (beyond frame envelope) and thus to achieve an optimal image reproduction. The system also allows to more precisely calculate a progressive surface. The amount of the calculated points of a progressive surface was increased by 50%, which significantly increased the precision of calculation of a progressive surface, and as a result, unprecedented visual comfort of SUPREME lenses was achieved.

Increased precision of a progressive surface of SUPREME lenses also requires more accurate and time-consuming production process in FreeForm generator.

The highest visual comfort

SUPREME lenses, designed with a frame shape and individual parameters of a Customer, guarantee excellent image reproduction at all distances.


Classic progressive lens   SUPREME Individual


In comparison with other most advanced progressive lenses, undesirable aberrations were reduced to 40%, and a vision field was widened by at least 40% in all zones of vision by taking into account a frame shape in the lens design.

Perfect adjusting

In order to maximally adjust SUPREME lenses to individual requirements of a Customer, it is possible to design a progressive surface taking into account visual needs of a Customer.

The most aesthetic lenses

The advanced design of hybrid progression takes into account a frame shape and the use of SST technology allows to perform the lens thinner even by 60% compared with other progressive lenses.

SUPREME progressive lens with high base

SUPREME progressive lenses may also be produced for sports frames and sunglasses. The advanced design of hybrid progression, combined with prismatic compensation technology allows to create a progressive lens with a high curvature base, devoid of unwanted astigmatisms and image reproduction errors.

SUPREME lenses with high base may also be decentered, which allows to achieve up to 105 mm of usable diameter of the lens.

SUPREME lenses are recommended for active, the most demanding Customers are looking for lenses guaranteeing the highest attainable on the market aesthetics and visual comfort. The advanced design of SUPREME lenses guarantees that they will be a great solution for people already wearing progressive lenses, and for those opting for progressive lenses for the first time, even at high astigmatism and different visions.